Discover the Wirral

The Wirral is an unduly neglected corner of England. It’s chiefly known for being on the other side of the Mersey from Liverpool. (That famous ferry has to go somewhere!) In fact, it’s a peninsula, with the River Dee on the other side, and Wales beyond. To the north lies the Irish Sea, with – well, Ireland – beyond. That makes the Wirral something of an international hub! It also means it’s surrounded by beaches, many of them beautiful, but rarely packed.

Golf and more

The Wirral is at least well known to lovers of golf. Most famously, it is home to the Royal Liverpool Golf Club, host of the 2023 British Open. But there are 12 or 13 clubs (depending on who you ask) dotted about the peninsula. That makes the Wirral the perfect destination for a golfing holiday. The peninsula is also a Mecca for the less well-known sports of land yachting and kite buggying. The Wirral Sand Yacht Club at Hoylake is the host of the 2023 European Championships. And at other times, visitors are welcome by appointment.

Natural beauty for all

If you’re looking for a more sedate holiday, the Wirral still has plenty to offer. There is a wealth of open spaces and sites of natural beauty. These include Heswall Beach Ecological Park, Gayton Park, Cleaver Heath Nature Reserve, Ridgewood Park and the Beacons.

And, fun fact: Birkenhead Park was the inspiration for New York’s Central Park. When the future designer of the latter visited in 1850, he was impressed both by its beauty and its democratic character. He observed that, ‘the poorest British peasant is as free to enjoy it in all its parts as the British Queen’. The locals might not take kindly to being referred to as ‘peasants’ these days. But they still enjoy the park. And visitors – royal or otherwise – can expect a warm welcome.

Seaside towns with character

Another must-visit destination is New Brighton. Set on the north-eastern tip of the peninsula, it overlooks Liverpool Bay. In many ways it’s a classic British seaside resort, dating back to 1826. Pier? Tick. Promenade? Tick. Tower, pools, ballroom? Tick, tick, tick. Today, it’s especially popular for its marine lake. And there’s even a unique fairy village for the kids. (Or young at heart.)

The west coast of the Wirral is especially popular with visitors. Heswall, and the nearby villages of Barnston and Gayton, in particular. Heswall is packed with charming shops and alluring cafes and restaurants. There are also bars and regular gigs in the atmospheric village hall. That makes Heswall a great place to stay while you explore the Wirral more widely. (Or indeed branch out to Liverpool, Chester or Manchester.)

Gospel View is unique development of 23 luxury apartments, perfect for a weekend break or a longer holiday. With Heswall at your feet, the Wirral is your oyster. So relax and make the most of a very special peninsula!